The MarvelTrek®

We’ve gone the distance so you don’t have to. We call it the MarvelTrek®.

Our team has already surveyed the land to know the pitfalls, and our seasoned shoulders of experts are not afraid to help you bear the load of technical and commercial requirements to navigate the tricky routes between territories.

Regardless of where you’re going, we’ll stay with you through the storms to transcend the challenges — and come out stronger together.

Navigating The Landscape

It’s here that our MarvelTrek® scouts dream with you to understand your desired destination, identify potential pitfalls and discover the difficulties you face within your target terrain.

Leveraging on our extensive, expert network across Asian and European territories, our team is dedicated to help you scout out feasibilities and provide quick, accurate and reliable feedback on your required solution.

Delving deep into the technical and commercial requirements, we explore and design one-stop, one-of-a-kind combinations of international carrier products with innovative connectivity solutions.

We also provide you the margin you need to make decisions and start the trek, turning around standard pricings within 2 – 3 business days, while offering you the flexibility of 5 business days for implementation.

Determining The Route

Our MarvelTrek® planners help you to open new doors and paths to reach your intended target territory, with specialised expertise that’s strategically positioned to meet both technical and commercial requirements on your new adventure — down to product protocols and troubleshooting.

In the face of challenging and unfamiliar terrain, we help you develop the ideal, customized route that others might call “impossible”.

We investigate, to identify and fulfil key decision-making factors with potential partners, communicating your requirements or product offerings in a win-win light that is rooted on common ground.

We’re also doggedly determined to climb the mountain of trust with new partners in order to achieve unprecedented sales pinnacles with you.

Setting Up Base Camp

Our MarvelTrek® guides are always working the ground for you, with the sole aim of setting you up in the best possible position to enter and succeed within your target terrain.

Our guides walk hand in hand with you so that you’ll never feel alone or overwhelmed. Now that we’ve taken the route to get to your target terrain, it’s time for us to document your order and build up the necessary production and fulfillment requirements.

With our cavernous knowledge of the international carrier landscape, we ease the pain of setting up new base camps in foreign territories with eagle-eye troubleshooting and provisioning.

We assign dedicated project managers — experienced guides with skilled hands — to carry your burden of exacting details until your base camp is up and running.

Going The Distance

Our MarvelTrek® guides stand with you through the storms, and ensure your journey across the world is filled with new frontiers of success.

Sometimes seasons change, and your base camp setup needs testing and reinforcements to withstand new challenges in the landscape.

In these times, we’ll be your hands and feet to persistently hunt and manage the relevant third-party partners — whether it be for fine-tuning of solutions or troubleshooting of unexpected issues.

Our MarvelTrek® guides go the distance with you and beyond, to ensure you’re well and truly taken care of.